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Flyboard® Pro Series Spark

Flyboard® Pro Rider Kits include everything what you need to start flying using your Sea Doo Spark. Connection parts can be used with Jetpack by ZR® as well.
The new Connection System by ZR® for SeaDoo Spark allows you to switch your PWC mode to flying mode just in few minutes. System does not require unbuilding original nozzle since U Pipe connect directly to it.
Sea Doo Spark connection Innovations:
No adapter needed
U Pipe connects directly to Original Nozzle
Kit contains following items:
FB04B04 FLyboard® Pro Series equipped board (1)
FB04097 Nozzle Rings Ø57 (2)
FB04060 Nozzle Screws (4)
FB04089 Y pipe O-ring (1)
FB03C09/10 Flybord® Bindings with Screws (2)
FB05A01 SeaDoo Spark Special Adapter with necessary parts
FB03A03 Hose Swivel (1)
FB02020 Hose Strap (1)
FB02021 Hook (1)
FB02022 Fastening Strap (1)
FB03C50 Clamps (4)
ZR01003 XArmor Hose 18m or 60ft (1)