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Flyboard® Sport

The Flyboard® Sport is the consumer version of the Flyboard® Pro Series.
For this new model, we propose you to benefit from the completely redesigned design of the Pro Series and the many innovations at a more accessible price.
The board is fixed as in the Flyboard® Legend version. This product will be perfect for rental activities as well as for occasional users.
As with all our products, we have paid particular attention to strength and strengthening parts.
Improved hydro-dynamic efficiency of 32%.
35% lighter than the Flyboard® Legend
Diameter, orientation and inclination of the adjustable nozzles to the front or the rear to optimize the use and compatibility with the power of the VNM.
Feet wider and more stable to equip the user.
Futuristic design and transparency of the hydraulic system allowing to clearly see the flow of water.
The Flyboard Sport® X-Armor 18m kit includes:
1 Board
1 pair of shoes
1 pivot system with specific bearings
1 X-Armor power supply hose (18- meter black X-Armor hose )
1 elbow equipped with 180 ° allowing to reverse the water outlet of the VNM.
1 quick release interface allowing the disconnection between the Flyboard® and the VNM.
4 stainless steel rings special X-Power
2 X-Power Sleeves
1 fastening strap for the hose
1 tether strap to attach the hose to the front of the VNM
1 carabiner
1 Bolt kit included