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Wireless EMK Remote by Zapata Racing

The wireless controller kit is remote system allowing the user to control the acceleration and power of any PWC, including those in the ZR® Collection, as well as start and stop the engine without the need of a driver on the PWC.
This wireless kit works with two type AA batteries.
Several power mode are offered to the user: from a low power mode with flight assistance to the maximal performance mode. This perfect management of the power is possible thanks to the reading of the PWCs’ engine speed
The ZR® wireless controller kit is also equipped with a security system which cuts power to the PWC if the trigger is not activated over 4 seconds.
Easy installation
Security Wrist-strap
The remote control is unsinkable and 100% waterproof (The tactile switches system allows a complete protection against water and avoids entry points in the casing of the controller)
Product includes:
ZR01A16 Pro Rider Wireless trigger (1)
ZR01A11 Electronic Module (1)
ZR01A10 Electronic Accessory Kit (Containing) (1)
ZR01108 Clamp Screws (6)
ZR01107 Clamps (3)
FB02A12 Equipped Pulley (1)
FB02A13 Pulley Screw (1)
FB02111 Cable Glad Grub Screws (3)
FB02107 Cable ties (6)
FB02105 Throttle elastic return (1)
FB02106 Throttle Hook return (1)
FB02104 Cable Coupling plate (1)
FB02103 Throttle Cable (1)
ZR01102 Housing Fixing Screws (3)
ZR01101 Case Support(1)
Must be used in conjunction with item KAE0001 - Electronic Throttle Adapter Kit when attached to a PWC that has an Electronic Throttle.

Electronic Throttle EMK Adapter Kit by Zapata Racing

It is compatible with the Standard and Wireless EMK Units as well as all PWC's that feature an Electronic Throttle.
This Kit includes the following items:
Equipped Hand Throttle Cable (1)
Handlebar Spacer (1)
Extension Pulley (1)
Pulley Screw (1)
Pulley Fastening Nut (1)

Trigger for Wireless Emk

Enjoy your Flyboard and Hoverboard like never before! With the NEWEST innovation from Zapata Racing, you can now soar the seas and fly the skies with the power in YOUR hand.
– Works in the air, and underwater (up to 3 second Dolphin Dives)
– 5 Levels available (Level 1 to 4 cuts instantly when the hand trigger is in the water)
– Smart brain engine – regulates RPM to allow constant flight height regardless of Jet Ski brand.
– Quick and easy installation: brain engine can be bolted anywhere in the PWC due to lengthy cables! plug in the positive and the negative on the battery / clamp 2 cables / No need to cut the beam wires

Emk Adapter for Jetpack by Zr®

Special adapter for EMK trigger on Jetpack by ZR®.
Adapter is the replacement of original Jetpack handle and can be mounted either on right or left handle.